Generic or customized GOscore credit risk models will forecast the behavior of your customers and verify your business decisions.

Our solutions are easy to integrate into your business processes:

  • Retain the control over the lending decision-making in your company
  • Automatic solutions for faster decisions
  • Lower costs due to optimized access to the data
  • Increased sales to the target customers
  • Decreased loss of the customers

GOscore credit risk model

Forecasting the reliability and trustworthiness of your clients.


• Increased targeted sales and decreased potential losses

• Control over the lending decision making

• Possible model adaptation to the specific information of your client segment, your experience, and your growth perspective



• Defined groups of target and potential customers

• Optimized work of the sales team, using the full potential of the company

• Maximized efficiency of your resources

GOscore customer needs model

Forecasting the future needs of your customers.


GOscore customer retention model

Helping to retain your clients.


• Awareness about the customer's intention to quit your service and minimized possibility of that

• Effective distribution of the tasks within the team for the higher retention of the clients

• Optimal re-shift of the client service resources


• Selected optimal debt recovery strategy

• Increased debt collection efficienc

GOscore recovery probability model

Predicting the probability of repaying debt.

GOscore monitoring service

Credibility of your customer and ability to repay the debt can change rapidly at any time, thus regular update on a client status can be crucial.

Our monitoring tool will deliver to you the latest credibility changes of your partners that might be critical to your business.


• Awareness of the critical processes and changes in the operations of your customer

• More efficient business decisions based with data

• Optimal business strategy