One-point entry and access to various databases of credit bureaus, national registers (banks, Social security office, Population register) and other information sources (social media, photo libraries).

Credit reports

Creditworthiness of your partners and possibility to repay the debts can change very rapidly. You will be able to monitor up to 40 performance indicators such as debt amount, recovery level, property and its legal status in order to track the variations of the risk.

List of private and state registers

Bank account data

Open banking data will be delivered for your business needs in a simple and ready-to-apply form. Combination of your own and open data will enable you to make comprehensive assessment of the financial situation and creditworthiness of your clients.


One-point entry to external registers

All data from the external registers in one place.

Easy access to the national registers. No additional legal arrangements, data received in the convenient format.

List of registers