Data management solutions

Data management solutions are important for financial institutions providing to and verifying data in credit risk databases.
We select the effective and convenient to use solutions according to your needs and technical capacities, provide the training to your team and implement the testing. We ensure the technical maintenance, issue and incident management in prompt and adequate manner.

BKA system

BKA system synchronizes data from credit bureau Creditoria, the Credit Risk Database of the Bank of Lithuania (nPRDB), the Population Register, and reports from the Social Security Fund.


• Automated requests to the registers

• Instant data about the person's liabilities from Creditoria and nPRDB.

• Calculated ratio of sustainable income and liabilities (DSTI)

• Results provided in structured format



• Easy adaptation in case of the changing requirements

• Standardized solution, no additional investment needed

• Up-to-date data from the systems and databases

• Possibility to validate data before submitting it to Creditoria and nPRDB.

• Simultaneous submission of the data

BTS system

BTS system is an easy one-point entry for submitting the data to credit bureau Creditoria and Loan Risk Database of the Bank of Lithuania (nPRDB)